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Jodo Club · 杖道クラブ

Jodo club is an EJCA club started in 2017. Jodo is one of the martial arts practiced in the All Japan Kendo Federation. Jodo evolved from an old Japanese martial art called Shindo Musoryu Jojutsu that has been practiced in Japan for over 400 years. Jodo uses an 128cm staff called “Jo” as a weapon and defends against sword attacks. In practice we use staff and wooden sword (bokutou). Kendo uniform (gi and hakama) is most appropriate, however, any workout clothes are fine for beginners. Jodo club has some jo and bokutou for new comers to use during practices. Jodo can be practiced from children to elders, and anyone can join. 

We practice every

  • Sunday (except long weekends) from 3 to 5 pm    and
  • Friday (except Friday before long weekend) from 7 to 9 pm 

in the EJCA Main Hall.

Practice fee is $160 for each semester of 4 months or $40 per month.

Brief background of the instructor: Hideji Ono. Born in 1949 in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. Started to learn Aikido under the late Yukio Kawahara Shihan in 1980.

Currently holds 5th Dan in Aikido. In 2009 started to learn Jodo under the Shindo-Musoryu Joshinkai Matsui Kenji Shihan in Japan. Currently holds 4th Dan in Jodo.  Under the permission from Matsui Shihan as a Jodo instructor, the EJCA Jodo Club was established in 2017.

To join us:

  1. be or become a member of the Edmonton Japanese Community Association
  2. print and sign this waiver

Other notes:
- You may also enjoy this NHK feature about Jodo!
- If you consider buying equipment, in order to give you some orientation please have a look at these providers (link 1, link 2, link 3) for jo and bokutou sets, but also talk to us! Not every wood type is suitable. leather
tsuba is required.
- to follow along our usual practice sequence, have a look at this short reference document.

Interview with Hideji Ono: link


Hideji Ono

Phone: 780 458-7269  
(email preferred)





指導者:大野秀司。1949年栃木県に生れる。1980年に故河原康男師範の指導のもと合気道を始める。現在、合気道五段。2009年に神道夢想流杖心会、松井健二師範 (神道夢想流杖術免許皆伝) に師事し杖道を始める。現在、杖道四段。松井師範に指導者としての許可を得て2017年にEJCA 杖道クラブを創立。



連絡先電話:780 458-7269

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