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Centre Tour · 会館のツアー

The facility is a multi-use design, allowing for concurrent events as well as flexibility with regard to the size of gathering and the nature of the event. Some of the space is cozy and carpeted with a softer and more home style atmosphere while others are more resilient and allow for dancing and performances. All areas in the centre are ground level and wheelchair accessible. Handrails are installed in the single washrooms in all areas.


Main hall

Main Hall · 正面ホール

Our hall is 1,700 square feet with a maximum capacity of 132 people with tables and 172 people without tables. There's plenty of room for tables, chairs, and a portable stage that we keep in our onsite storage. The hall connects directly to the kitchen and bar, as well as washrooms (men's, women's, and accessible), coat room, and concrete patio.

There is also a PA system, projection screen, mood lights, and 500 W stage lights. The space has been acoustically treated to accommodate speaking events, live entertainment,  or even watching movies.

There is also a bar that comes with a large cooler and a small chest freezer. The counter top within includes a sink with room for two people to work. A roll-up window allows service to the hall, separate from the kitchen.





Kitchen · キッチン

The kitchen is a Class II commercial design with commercial-grade gas ovens, stoves, and grill protected by a flame suppression system and vent hood. The commercial dishwasher is a high temperature, high-efficiency machine with a 4-minute cycle in compliance with regulations for sterilization. The kitchen is rented separately and comes with 100 dinner place settings but does not include drinking glasses. We do not provide catering services but welcome contract caterers into our kitchen.


Lounge 1

Lounge 1 · ラウンジ1

This is a comfortable area which can easily seat 29 people. A large board room table is kept in the room and other tables can be arranged for use. This area can be separated from Lounge 2 with sliding doors. The area features a coffee/tea nook.

29名収容可能なゆったりした部屋です。 会議用テーブルと折りたたみ椅子20脚がありますが、必要ならテーブルを使うこともできます。和風な障子のデザインの間仕切りでラウンジ2と連絡しています。お茶を入れるカウンターが備わっています。

Lounge 2

Lounge 2 · ラウンジ2

This carpeted area can easily host 50 people and has plenty of natural light as well as overhead and decorative lighting along a curved feature wall. This area has 20 stacking chairs available. Additional chairs can be added for larger gatherings. It is located close to the kitchen and a common area with a coat closet.


Lounge 3

Lounge 3 · ラウンジ3

This small carpeted room is an addition to the Hall and is rented separately. It has its own washroom and access to the room is possible through the Kitchen and Bar, as well as directly from the Hall. It has a seating capacity of 27 people.


Coat Room

Coat Rooms · クローク

There is one large coat room for the Hall which has half-doors at the entrance side for taking coats from visitors. There is enough room for 100+ coats, hats, and boots. This area can also be used for taking tickets or storing wedding gifts.

Another closet is located in the foyer in the lounge / meeting room area that can hold up to 40 coats.


Tables and Seating · テーブルと椅子

150 plastic folding chairs (burgundy colour)
10 round tables, 5 ft diameter
16 rectangular tables, 8 x 2.5 ft


Outdoor Events

Outdoor Events

The Centre has a canopy shelter available for rent which will be set up and taken down by the facility staff. It is not authorized for sheltering any outdoor cooking. The centre welcomes any group who wish to rent their own separate outdoor shelter(s) from a commercial supplier. There is plenty of space surrounding the centre to accommodate large tent structures for special events. Outdoor use of grassed area may need a City Park use Permit.

会館の外に広い公園があり、戸外でのイベントのために貸出しできるテントもあります。(ただしテントの中で料理はできません) もちろん業者からテントを借りてきて使うこともできます。芝生のところはエドモントン市の管轄なので、市からの使用許可が必要な場合があります。

Facility Information · 設備について      

Power Distribution

A switched 220 volt plug is available in the Main Hall for performers or groups wishing to install their own systems. The Main Hall has distributed circuits of 15-amp and 30-amp capacity throughout the area. All other power is available through typical 110-volt wall sockets.


Security responsibilities of our visitors includes keeping the centre safe and ensuring only invitees enter during your event. Although there may be two simultaneous events occurring in the centre, each group is responsible for controlling the activities of their own participants.

The centre has two security zones which are controlled by centrally located touch pads. Each event is awarded a temporary fob which they can use to enter and exit the building. The centre is equipped with motion sensors in all areas, including outside doors. The building is monitored 24 hours a day.

Clean Up and Supplies

Clean up is the responsibility of the participants who have booked the facility unless other arrangements are made prior to the event. Accumulated trash is required to be moved to the outside bin and any leftover food or supplies will be disposed of following the event.

Supplies of hand towels, toilet paper, kitchen towels and other amenities are kept in the Centre to replace any which may run out during the event. Trash can liners are made available to each event on an as-needed basis.


The Main Hall is available for decorating for the full day of any weekend. There are plenty of places to hook or attach decorations in the hall and the wall surface has been painted specifically to allow the use of masking tape to attach decorations or posters. The ceiling of the main hall has some hooks in it which can be used to mount strings of lights or special decorations.

In all Lounges there are no restrictions on decorating except in regards to the care of artwork already hanging in the rooms. 

In the Large Lounge there is a curving display wall which has been specifically painted to allow for posting images and decorations. Other walls in the Lounge are not protected from adhesive tape in the same way and caution is recommended.













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