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Centre Calendar · 会館レンタルカレンダー

This is an up to date, consolidated calendar, of all the rooms available for booking in the centre as well as library and office hours.

  • If you'd like to only see the bookings for a specific room, click on the down arrow, next to 'Agenda', in the top-right corner and deselect the rooms you are not interested in seeing.
  • The 'Week' tab will give you a detailed start and end time for each event while the 'Month' tab only provides a start time for each event.
  • Please reach out to for questions regarding bookings / room reservations / rentals and see the centre information page for a booking form!
  • note: [RR] is just a label used by the Centre Manager to manage  recurring renters bookings


  • どれか1部屋の使用予約をご覧になりたい時は、表の右上の’Agenda”’横の三角印をクリックして、見たくない部屋のチェックをはずしてください。
  •  'Week'’タブからは予約の始まりと終わりの時間が表示されます。 'Month'タブからは始まりの時間だけが表示されます。
  • 部屋の予約に関しては へご連絡ください。

Centre/Office hours  Library hours  Hall  Lounge 1  Lounge 2  Lounge 3  Kitchen

Below you will find an alternative simplified calendar view that is showing all bookings.

Centre/Office hours  Bookings  (and Library)
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