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Japanese for Teens

General Information

Three levels:   L1 Introductory level and

L2 Beginner Intermediate 

L3 Beginner Advance

L1 and L2 have an In-person class only

L3 has an Online class only

Three terms (Term 1, 2 and 3) to complete each levelThree terms run as below:

Term 1: September to November 

Term 2: January to March 

Term 3: April to June 

In-person classes have 8 sessions on Sundays, 1:00 - 3:00 pm

Online classes have 10 sessions on Tuesdays, 5:00 - 6:30 pm

Textbook (L1-1, 2 and L2-1, 2):Marugoto A1: Japanese language and culture Starter A1 Coursebook for communicative language competences (Japan Foundation, Sanshusha, 2013)

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Textbook (L2-2, 3 and L3-1, 2, 3):
Marugoto A2-1: Japanese language and culture Elementary 1 A2 Coursebook for communicative language activities (Japan Foundation, Sanshusha, 2014)

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Marugoto A1   Marugoto A2

Material covered at each level

  Term 1
Term 2
Term 3
Level 1 (L1) "Marugoto A1 Rikai" Lesson 1–4 "Marugoto A1 Rikai" Lesson 5–8 "Marugoto A1 Rikai" Lesson 9–12
Level 2 (L2) "Marugoto A1 Rikai" Lesson 13–16 "Marugoto A1 Rikai" Lesson 17–18
"Marugoto A2-1 Katusdo" Lesson 1–2
"Marugoto A2-1 Katusdo" Lesson 3–6
Level 3 (L3) "Marugoto A2-1 Katusdo" Lesson 7–10 "Marugoto A2-1 Katusdo" Lesson 11–14 "Marugoto A2-1 Katusdo" Lesson 15–18
  • All classes will include discussion of Japanese culture, conversation and other topics in addition to using the textbook.
  • A test will be held at end of term 3. Achieving a minimum of 60% on the test is recommended in order to advance to the next level.

Placement test

Students with Japanese language experience may be allowed to start at the level/term appropriate to their proficiency when achieving a minimum of 60% on the online placement test. All new students to the EJCA Japanese for Teens (except L1-1) need to take the placement test.

It is not necessary to take the placement test to apply for L1–1.

Please refer to the table below for the list of prerequisites for each level/term.

L1- 3 Online Placement test

L2- 3 Online Placement test

Classes will be cancelled if there is insufficient enrolment. If this is the case, class fees (but not membership fees) will be refunded. You will be on a waiting list if the class is full.

Prerequisites for each level / term

Level 1 (L1)


Term 1

No Japanese language experience is required

Term 2


-      Read some Hiragana

-      Use basic greeting expressions in appropriate situations- Count up to 10

-      Recognize Japanese characters

-      Give a simple self-introduction

Term 3

- Material covered in Term 2
- Read/write katakana
- Count from 100 to 1,000
- Talk about your favourite foods
- Talk about your breakfast
- Know frequency adverb (いつも、よく、あまり)
- Read menu at a fast food restaurant
- Say what kind of house you live in
- Say what you have in your home
- Ask/say where to put things in a room

Level 2 (L2)Prerequisites
Term 1
- The prerequisites listed for Level 1 (see above)
- Say the time you do things
- Talk about your daily routine
- Talk about your schedule for this week
- Talk about when we have an event
- Talk about your hobbies
- Talk about what you do on your days off
- Recognize information on posters and calendars for events
- Ask/say whether or not you will attend an event
Term 2
- Material covered in Term 1
- Say how to get to a particular destination
- Say where you are now over the phone
- Recognize opening/closing time on shop
- Talk about what you want to buy
- Talk about where to shop for something you want
- Make a brief comment on things in a shop
- Read prices
- Can do some shopping
Term 3
- Material covered in Term 2
- Say what you did on your days off
- Say briefly what you thought about on your days off
- Say what you did on your travels
- Say where you want to go next time
- Talk briefly about where you/your family are living and what you/they do (verb て-form +います)
- Talk about your hobbies (verb て-form +こと)
- Read/write short, simple comments about someone's self-introduction (noun のとき/い Adj のとき Adj なとき)

In 2023, Level 3 is not offered.

Level 3 (L3)Prerequisites
Term 1
- Prerequisites listed for Level 2 (see above)
- Talk about the change of seasons (noun にい Adjく/な Adj になります)
- Talk about likes/dislikes about seasons or other things
- Say what season you like and why (S1 から S2)
- Talk about how the weater is/was (past tense adj)
- Talk about the condition of weather (V て + います)
- Tell a friend about place/area of your recommendation
- Talk about two or more characteristics of a place (adjective て form)
- Talk about two opposing characteristics of a place (Adj/N けど Adj/N)
- Talk about the way to go somewhere in order (V て + V ます )
- Talk about two or more characteristics of a thing (adjective て form)
Term 2
- Material covered in Term 1
- Talk with a friend about time and place you will meet
- Ask if your own opinion or an alternative plan is acceptable
- Read email from a friend saying s/he will be late
- Apologize for being late and give a reason
- Ask if someone has already done V or not yet ( V )
- Describe that the action is not complete yet ()
- State the purpose of coming or going somewhere
- Express the sequence of events "before" and "after"
- Describe how things are, using adjectives (N  N  Adj )
- Describe how things are, using adjectives (N  Verb  Adj )
- Ask someone for help and response to a request for help
- Describe your or someone's hope or aspiration
- Offer to help someone with a problem and accept an offer of help
Term 3
- Material covered in Term 2
- Ask/say when choosing which is preferred from two options
- Say what you think about something from the outside
- Talk about the reason or cause (い Adj くて/い Adj くなくて、な Adj で/な Adj じゃなくて)
- Talk about your experience
- Talk about too much of something, in a negative context
- Describe the good and bad points of something
- Talk about how much time has passed since starting something
- Ask for permission

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