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COVID-19 measures at the ACL/ECJA Centre

ACL/EJCA会館 COVID-19 規制への対応

Due to increased restrictions announced by the Alberta Government and Alberta Health on December 8, 2020, the EJCA Centre will be closed until the current restrictions are removed. This includes all clubs and the library.

We will post further updates here as we are able. 

The facility manager will check the centre regularly.

Please receive an approval by emailing at facility@ejca.org when you need to come to the centre.

Please always observe the COVID-19 related updates from:

City of Edmonton

Government of Alberta

For the safety of our members, community and friends, and in accordance to Alberta Government and Alberta Health guidelines, facility users need to:

  1. Stay home if you are not feeling 100% well;
  2. Do proper hand washing upon entering the building;
  3. Maintain 2 metre personal distance, wear a face mask where possible;
  4. Cover coughs and sneezes following sanitary guidelines;
  5. Minimize touching of common use items, e.g., doorknobs and light switches;
  6. Clean all items and areas used/touched before leaving the Centre.




閉館中は会館マネージャーが管理のため、 定期的に 会館の点検を行います。

会館に用事があるときは、facility@ejca.org へのメールで許可を得てから、いらしてください。

COVID-19 に関する最新の情報は次のサイトからご覧ください。

City of Edmonton

Government of Alberta



  1. 体調が少しでも悪かったら、会館に来ない;
  2. 会館に入ったらすぐに手を洗う;
  3. 可能な限り、マスクを着用し人との間隔を2メートル以上あける;
  4. せきやくしゃみは必ずティッシュペーパーなどで覆う;
  5. 可能な限り、ドアーハンドルやスイッチなどには触らない;
  6. 帰る前に、使った物や触ったところをすべてきれいに拭く。消毒液は用意してあります。

詳細と会館の使用申込書はこちら (英語):

Edmonton Japanese Community Association
6750 88 Street NWEdmonton, Alberta T6E 5H6

780-466-8166 / office@ejca.org
日本語メール: nihongo@ejca.org

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Closed due to COVID-19 measures

Monday: 9:30 am–12:30 pm
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