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Gordon Kiyoshi Hirabayashi (April 23, 1918 – January 2, 2012)

ゴードン・キヨシ・ヒラバヤシ (1918423日誕生、201212日逝去)

The EJCA library was named to honour Dr. Gordon Hirabayashi, a respected defender of civil rights in Canada and the United States.

Seattle-born Gordon Hirabayashi, was one of a very few Japanese Americans who defied the U.S. Government curfew and evacuation orders in the spring of 1942.   He was arrested, convicted and imprisoned.  He appealed his case to the U.S. Supreme Court and although unsuccessful initially, four decades later he challenged the wartime convictions, the case was reopened and his convictions were overturned. 

Following the war, Dr. Hirabayashi resumed his education at the University of Washington, earning his PhD in Sociology.  After teaching in Beirut, Lebanon and Cairo, he joined the faculty at the University of Alberta in 1959 where he became the sociology chair until retiring in 1983.  He was an active member of EJCA, serving on the Board and initiating endeavors, such as the EJCA newsletter.  His example and mentorship influenced many, both within the EJCA community and well-beyond.

The Dr. Gordon Hirabayashi Graduate Scholarship in Sociology was established at the University of Alberta in 2009 to recognize Dr. Hirabayashi’s life-long contribution.  The scholarship supports graduate students with research interests in one or more of: human rights, race and ethnic relations, social inequality, and social justice.

In 2012, he was posthumously named a recipient of the foremost U.S. civilian decoration Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Books: A Principled Stand: The Story of Hirabayashi vs United States

Movies: Unfinished Business







Books: A Principled Stand: The Story of Hirabayashi vs United States

Movies: Unfinished Business

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