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Comments from Japanese class students

Adults class(2023 Fall)

 In-Person B1-1

    • I found this course is very fun and interesting. I didn’t expect much before the taking this course, but I ended up looking forward to the class every week, I like the cultural part of the course as well as the comfort the teacher brought to the class. It is makes easier for everyone not to feel too much pressure when going to class.
    • I really enjoy this class and feel that I am learning. I also like how the teacher brings in grammar and small activities. I wish there was a bit more conversation at time and though dates and numbers are important. I would rather learn more words I can use in conversation, like I am hungry, I am lost, I like food. I enjoyed the Halloween class the best and liked.
    • This class is fantastic! It provides an approachable pace and a fun and friendly environment. A nice blend of culture and language content each week. Mineko sensei is a wonderful teacher. Kanpeki desu!
    • Very great class for beginners! Lots of material to go through but I enjoy the challenge! Teachers are very helpful. Atmosphere is lovely as well.
    • It feels a bit rushed, maybe we need a bit more time each class or more classes in the course. More practice would be nice. げんきです!
    • Fun to learn Japanese.
    • Good that don’t need buy a textbook.
    • I found it excellent to keep in practice! I was very pleased with the balance it struck between cultural and lingual learning that is super important for beginners!

Online B1-1

  • Thank you for offering this class, EJCA! I enjoyed it so much, and learned many surprising things about Japanese language and culture, like how many different kinds of counting words there are for different kinds of objects (!!). I loved getting to know my fellow students and appreciated all the happy encouragement from our teacher, Sugiyama-sensei. I look forward to taking the next-level course! ありがとうございます !
  • The class was fun, insightful into Japanese culture and helped me learn lots of Japanese I did not know! Sugiyama-sensei is a fantastic teacher and I look forward to the next term with him! Thank you

Teens class(2023 Fall)

 In-Person L1-1

    • Santi’s comment: The class is very helpful. I learnt A LOT, and now I can read something in Japanese! It’s a very well-structured course with lots of activities and interactive learning, and it’s taught in a very fun manner! I would definitely recommend this to my friends!!
    • Delicious -delicious knowledge and food. I can’t wait for next time! Thank you! Sayonara! 
    • Incredible! I really enjoyed this and look forward to next term.
    • I love this class, it’s very fun and entertaining!
    • I really like the interactive activities. This class went at a very good easy pace for beginners.
    • This class was very good! I highly recommend it! Everything is very friendly and helpful!  ありがとう! +Mineko sensei is a lovely instructor.

In-Person L2-1

    • Had fun! Learnd 👍
    • Fun! I learned lots about Japanese.
    • Fun class, enjoyed😊
    • I enjoyed the classes as always!

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